Mix Six

Mix Six

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 Ever been on a long flight, craving a fun cocktail but stuck with vodka sodas or a gin and tonic? What about poolside with friends and everyone is drinking the same cocktail because the only thing everyone could decide on was margaritas? Worry no more because Made To Mix travel size mixers are here to save you! These 3 unique flavors, at 2 servings per bottle, are perfect any time, any place. At 3oz. each these babies will easily slide past TSA in your purse or carry on for all your inflight cocktail needs. Bring one to your next socially distanced party or event to please everyone's taste buds.

Mix any 6 of your favorite flavors. There are 2 servings per bottle so this equals out to 12 drinks!

Blackberry Bramble -A fruity mix of blackberries and mint with a hint of agave for sweetness. This mixer is just right for tequila, bourbon, vodka or gin. 
Texas Water - Our take on the new Texas classic “Ranch Water” is a refreshing blend of cucumber, lime, and jalapeño  and pairs perfectly with vodka, gin or tequila.
Blueberry Fields - This mixer is a soothing blend of blueberries and lavender with a hint of CBD. The health benefits of lavender are well known and when combined with CBD create a perfect blend to help you relax and ease anxiety. We recommend with a glass of prosecco or as a mocktail with Topo Chico!

Serving Suggestion 
   Fill a glass with ice and simply pour half of this bottle in with 1 oz of your choice of spirit. Or for our friends who prefer a fun mocktail, mix with 1 oz of your favorite sparkling water and enjoy!